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Todd Demko

(720) 577-5155

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The company is conducting its Series A round for existing and new cybersecurity investors, which is expected to close in Q2 2021. Interested investors should contact Todd Demko at or phone number above.

Keyavi is led by CEO Elliot Lewis and his team. Elliot has more than 25 years’ experience in data security including as chief security architect at Dell, director of security and identity at Cisco, CISO at Merrill Lynch and senior security architect at Microsoft’s Security Center of Excellence.  Elliot did extensive work with federal agencies and military defense and civilian contractors prior to his private sector career.

I’m a Keyavi Data investor, former private equity fund manager and company founder myself. I have witnessed remarkable development and stunning sales funnel with Keyavi team working at an exhaustive pace and leveraging their key relationships.  Increased security needs are at an all time high with work-from-home, and the opportunity for this company to capitalize on the combination of great tech and huge market need is unique. Keyavi will become a household name.

— Co-founder, Chairman and Global Officer of Series G company 

About Keyavi

Keyavi Data was launched in 2020 to eradicate data loss for enterprises in any market. Rather than trying to contain data in a world reliant on open information and transparency, Keyavi breaks new ground by making the data itself intelligent and self-aware, so that it can protect itself instantly, no matter where it is or who is trying to access. Keyavi is led by a team of renowned experts in data security, encryption, enterprise software, and cyber forensics and analytics. The Keyavi name is inspired by the Italian word for key.