Intelligent Directory™

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Ease-of-use is critical to successful adoption of any technology.

Keyavi makes self-protecting data easy to use for everyone – from the C-Suite to entry level.  

Not only is Intelligent Directory simple & elegant, it’s also fast. For rapid roll-out of self-protecting data, Keyavi’s Intelligent Directory service is deployable across the organization in record time to immediately protect your critical data. Installing Intelligent Directory on your existing cloud or device storage system (such as OneDrive, Dropbox, Box) automatically applies and enforces your security team’s policies onto all the data in those locations. 

If your users are tired of security tools that disrupt their workflow and sidetrack their focus, contact our team today to learn about our intelligent directory rapid deployment.  

I showed Keyavi to our Board of Directors and this is going to be foundational to our security program going forward.

– CISO, Fortune 200 company