We protect data at-rest, in-use, and in-transport

Our patented technology infuses protection directly into your data—adding layers of policy-based protection that fortify each file, allowing data owners to share files through any method, with the confidence of knowing underlying protection is embedded, across all file copies, wherever that data travels, in perpetuity.

Enabling the data to remove itself from a given situation empowering the owner to revoke, grant, or modify access on demand, regardless of where the data resides.

Installing true intelligence and interactive decision making into data itself enabling data to assess its level of security and adapt on the fly, at all times, and under any condition on demand.

Infusing protection into the data itself allowing the data owner to maintain complete control of the data, even after it leaves their possession.

Protecting anywhere, anytime with agnostic control no matter the destination, platform, device, application, operating system, cloud service or data center.

Providing near real-time forensic capabilities in data logging and control recording the complete experience (its own proof of possession, custody and control) throughout its lifecycle.

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Why you need us

∞ Access control

Offline capabilities

Location enforcement

Dynamic rights enforcement

Immediate policy updates

Data-originated forensics

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