Our patented technology infuses protection directly into your data—adding layers of policy-based protection that fortify each file, allowing data owners to share files through any method, with the confidence of knowing underlying protection is embedded, across all file copies, wherever that data travels, in perpetuity.

Media &entertainment Financialservices Manufacturing Gaming &Hospitality Digital assets Legal

An ally to critical industries

Media & entertainment

Putting a stop to leaks while enabling movie studios, producers, and external contractors to secure their content and creative works in perpetuity.

Financial services

Securing private client data and financial information while maintaining custody and control.


Protecting sensitive intellectual property and manufacturing processes throughout the global supply chain.

Gaming & hospitality

Ensuring financial and guest data remains secure long after their stay.

Digital assets

Establishing total control of digital assets by enabling wallets and other apps with self-protecting data technology.


Maintaining possession, custody, and control over case work, evidence, and other sensitive information.

Why you need us

Real-time control

Immediate policy updates

Real-time forensics

Automated data protection

Location enforcement

Secure file sharing

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