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Keyavi 2.0 Changes Everything!

Global enterprises can now share and manage their business data with anyone – seamlessly and securely on any device, anywhere, at any time.

Download the new report from Omdia, a leading cybersecurity research firm, which defines an emerging technology class: Self-Protecting Data.

Key Features


At any time, remotely remove the ability for an individual or multiple users to access previously shared data.


Set a singular location for your business, or an array of multiple locations. Your files will stay within their allotted space.

Time Embargo

Set time-frames for authorized users to access the data. They will be denied access if they attempt to open it at other times.

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Learn how to maintain full control of your data even after it leaves your possession:

There is nothing else out there like this technology. This is truly going to change things!

— Fortune 100 General Manager