Keyavi Data™ Launches Web Client, Four Apps, and Free Online Viewer as Powerful Extensions of its Game-changing Cybersecurity Technology

Keyavi Product Snapshot

New Tools Give Keyavi Customers Universal Control and Peace of Mind for Controlling Their Intelligent, Self-Protecting Data from Cyber Attacks and Data Leaks

LAS VEGAS, Nev., November 11, 2020– Keyavi Data Corp., a cybersecurity startup whose innovative technology is transforming the very nature of the data security industry, today launched four apps, a free online viewer and a web client that provide on-the-go-access to the same power and functionality of the company’s product suite for preventing data leaks and making data breaches irrelevant.

With the new iOS, Android and Microsoft apps, Keyavi customers can now easily and quickly protect their data files with the same multi-layered intelligence, self-protection and self-awareness as they do now using Keyavi’s application programming interface (API) or desktop client software products. The apps are available for download through Google Play™, the Apple® store and shortly on the Microsoft store.

“Once a Keyavi app is installed, a licensed user of Keyavi’s security products can transform any type of data file into intelligent data – whether it’s an email, Word document, text file, spreadsheet, pdf, video, or any other file type – and infuse powerful controls into that data: who’s allowed to see it, when and where it’s accessed, by whom and on what devices – forever,” said Elliot Lewis, CEO of Keyavi Data. “They can then send those multi-layered, encrypted files to anyone inside or outside their organization, knowing their data will stay under control even after leaving their possession,” Lewis explained.

Before sharing an intelligent Keyavi-infused file, customers can also grant or refuse access for specific individuals or groups of people by geographic location as well as set specific date and time limits, or any combination thereof, for accessing the file. Because the owner can also change or revoke permission parameters on the fly from his or her smart device or computer at any time, the data always stays under the owner’s control, regardless of where the data is located or who has it – forever.  Should an unauthorized user try to gain access or steal data without appropriate permissions, the data self-protects, much like a “Mission Impossible” message.

“Anyone who’s authorized to open a Keyavi-secured file can now simply double-click on it – even if the recipient doesn’t have a Keyavi user license or has never seen a Keyavi-infused file before,” Lewis explained. “Android, Apple and Microsoft will automatically point mobile users to the right app for downloading, then open the intelligent Keyavi file using our free viewer.”

Keyavi’s online viewer, which operates seamlessly in the apps’ background, allows an authorized recipient of the intelligent file to access it in read-only mode in its native application on a mobile device. If, for example, a Microsoft Word file is protected at the outset with Keyavi’s patented technology, the recipient of that file can easily view it in Word if their mobile device has the appropriate Windows plug-in and mobile app installed.

“Now, we offer the same powerful functionality of our desktop client in our mobile apps, so that users can control their intelligent data anytime, anywhere, on any device,” said Lewis. “Because Keyavi never accesses, stores or otherwise intercepts anyone’s data, our lightweight Keyavi apps and viewer enable the highest level of data protection, run seamlessly in the background and require& minimal memory. Included in every user license are the desktop client, mobile apps and a robust Microsoft Office plug-in. You only need to download a mobile app or open a web client once to open all subsequent Keyavi-protected files,” he added.

Keyavi’s new web client looks and behaves like the company’s desktop software product, with the same security protocols but with additional browser-specific functionality.

“No one else has anything close to this technology,” Lewis said. “Keyavi is the only company in the world to have set, and met, this high bar for universal data security. It’s an enormous, evolutionary step for the entire cybersecurity industry. And we’re well on our way to achieving our company’s mission: giving data owners back control of their data wherever it goes, whoever has it, forever.”

Keyavi’s technology has proven essential for customers in protecting their data against all forms of cyber attacks and intentional or accidental data loss as they manage through the COVID-19 pandemic and secure their remote employees’ home-based work environments.  Customers of Keyavi’s revolutionary technology include major companies in hospitality, gaming, financial services, law firms, technology and manufacturing.  Federal, state and local governments are also in various stages of evaluation and deployments.  

About Keyavi Data Corp.

Headquartered in Las Vegas, Keyavi Data’s transformative cybersecurity technology makes any type of data self-protecting by infusing multi-layered protections into the actual data itself. This innovative technology – now available as an API, client software product, mobile apps and web client – makes data intelligent and self-aware of where it is, who has it and what device it is on to determine whether it is authorized by its owner at that time to allow access.

Under development for over a decade before launching in 2020, this game-changing cybersecurity technology has a total of 16 U.S. patents and is compliant with FIPS-140-2 for NIST. For companies and government entities that need to control confidential and intellectual property from accidental loss or a cyber attack, Keyavi’s easy-to-use yet robust security delivers the ultimate peace of mind. In today’s growing locations of disparate workforces and partner ecosystems, Keyavi plays a critical role in making data leaks and breaches irrelevant. Follow Keyavi on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

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