Hybrid workforce

How to quickly secure your data when more people are working from home

Organizations around the globe are all facing a similar crisis – how to adapt our security to the dramatic increase in remote workers. The exponential increase in employees working from home puts pressure on your security team and leaves your data at risk of exposure. Even if a portion of your workforce was previously remote, the increase in out-of-office workers will put a severe strain on your organizations’ security – and attackers are waiting to exploit.

Business leaders must identify the risks associated with the wholly mobile workforce – taking into consideration the current technology stack, while maintaining business operations. Sensitive data will simultaneously be available in hundreds if not thousands of geo-locations. This drastic change requires IT and security staff to pause in-progress projects, and pivot to securing the remote workforce.

With a change in work environments, intelligent and efficient end users will find the path of least resistance when attempting to complete work at home. Security mechanisms that confine a 100% remote workforce may be bypassed – ultimately leading to more exposure. IT organizations looking to champion remote work while maintaining security should look to a more dynamic solution that focuses less on hard lined protection, and more on building security into the data.

Maintain organization-wide security while workers are remote

Self-protecting, intelligent data

Define who can access the data, where, when and how – even for remote workers

Geolocation controls

Register specific locations, including home offices – allowing data to be accessible only from authorized locations

Forensics and reporting capabilities

Reporting functionality that validates security – even out of the office

Validate VPN is functioning

Our technology can validate that end users’ VPN is enabled and being used

Validate VPN is corporate VPN

Our technology determines if the user is using the corporate VPN and check proper certificates

Adapt to change and maintain data security

Keyavi’s intelligent, multi-layer protection is embedded directly into the data, allowing organizations to define where the data can be accessed – including home offices. Our robust geo-location controls can restrict data access by location, allowing administrators to validate then input the home office locations of their employees. By knowing and restricting exactly where your data can be accessed and by whom, threats associated with data expansion and data exploitation are minimized.

Additionally, our technology allows organizations to avoid unauthorized dissemination or sharing of data both internally and externally, by embedding real-time access rights, ensuring that the right person accesses the data at the right time.

With Keyavi Data, you always maintain persistent control of your data, no matter where it goes.  Leverage Keyavi’s technology to safely address your data security concerns while your workforce adapts to working from home.