Use Cases

  • Ransomware

    Ransomware not only encrypts, but also extracts data. Don’t let yours be extorted or sold. Most people think ransomware attackers just lock and encrypt data as a one-time-only event. But ransomware has become far more devastating and pervasive, with attacks staged in three distinct phases: Phase 1: This phase is all about a criminal getting into your […]

  • Healthcare

    Medical Equipment

    The healthcare industry is changing in real-time: according to a recent telemedicine adoption study, only 17% of patients expect to return to in-person-only appointments even after the COVID-19 pandemic has resolved. While many businesses are shifting to long-term work-from-home models, physicians and patients alike are opting for virtual visits when possible. Time saved commuting, increased […]

  • Financial services


    Securing Access to Data in Financial Services How to meet strict regulations without hampering account teams Leaders in financial services depend on timely access and the ability to pivot quickly when the market changes. Being able to share client information in a controlled and timely fashion ensures that the client will be taken care of, […]

  • IP protection

    How our self-aware data transforms your IP to protect itself  Keyavi’s technology is composed of multiple independent encryption layers, designed such that a layer cannot be compromised without triggering protection mechanisms of the surrounding layers. This multi-layer approach includes policies which are embedded directly into the data itself – fundamentally changing it – allowing the […]

  • Hybrid workforce

    How to quickly secure your data when more people are working from home Organizations around the globe are all facing a similar crisis – how to adapt our security to the dramatic increase in remote workers. The exponential increase in employees working from home puts pressure on your security team and leaves your data at […]

  • Data loss risk mitigation

    From Digital Rights Management to Data Rights Management Whether you are currently using DRM or not, you can now completely protect your data and keep it under your control, forever, even after it leaves your possession. To learn more about self-protecting to complement or replace your DRM, join us today for a demo and more […]