How Does Keyavi Uniquely Protect Your Critical Data

Protecting a file with Keyavi is a non-destructive process to the original document.

  1. The first step of the protection process places the document into an “.IKD” (Intelligent Keyavi Data) file — you can think of this as a protective wrapper.
  2. Next, we infuse the .IKD file with a micro-database and policies, adding a very norminal increase in file size.
  3. The last step in the process encrypts the .IKD file with multiple interlocking encryption keys. The default encryptions algorithm is AES 256, which can be changed by your organization if required. No encryption keys are stored in the file and Keyavi-protected files are automatically opened with the native application used to create the original document.
Enhance any file with .IKD micro-database and policies
Keyavi Services Diagram
The Keyavi Service Node can be installed on premise or in the cloud.

The Keyavi Service Node

The service Node is the core of the Keyavi platform. It is a RESTful API-based web service that can be installed on premise or in the cloud. The node provides management, policy and the encryption needed to protect files.

Keyavi Node server components
Inside a Keyavi Node web server

Harness the full power of Keyavi’s self-protecting data solution.

Keyavi Desktop

A full-featured, user-friendly and intuitive Windows desktop solution that give users easy, secure, and complete control over their .IKD-protected files.

Keyavi Portal

An administrative web portal for data owners to monitor and manage their protected .IKD files. It also provides comprehensive platform controls for user, policy, and security administrators.

Mobile App

iOS and Android apps enable users to maintain complete control of their secured Keyavi data files on the go. You can protect files and provision access from anywhere!

Keyavi Web

Since not all users can download and install Keyavi’s technology onto their desktop, this free, browser-based web client lets users open and view .IKD files. This functionality incorporates most of the features of Keyavi’s desktop application.

Keyavi Lite

A paired-down version of Keyavi’s full desktop application that lets internal and external users open protected .IKD files in read-only mode. This free Windows app is available for download from the Microsoft store.