Say hello to self-protecting data.

Say Goodbye to Cybercriminals.

We infuse security directly into your data, strengthening your ability to collaborate without the fear of intrusion or loss.

At Keyavi, we believe reliable data protection demands more than simply adding a perimeter of protection around valuable information. Our mission is clear: we’re changing the data security paradigm—introducing self-protecting, intelligent, and self-aware encryption that lives and travels with your sensitive information.

With policies based on factors including user, geo-location, time, device, and more, even if files are lost, data stays protected—making the possibility of data breaches near impossible. Plus, Keyavi is the first solution of its kind to offer near real-time logging of data file access, access violations, and policy changes.

Game-changing capabilities and value:

Preventing data loss becomes far more manageable when your organization maintains control over their data throughout its lifecycle. Self-protecting data empowers you to rethink your security architecture, risk models, governance policies, and tool spending while simultaneously combating data theft and mitigating the impact of sophisticated ransomware.

By making data self-aware, intelligent, and self-protecting, Keyavi has changed the fundamentals of data security from the ground-up—helping organizations of all sizes adapt to this new reality.

Enhance any file with IKD micro database and policies

Features of self-protecting data

Real-time control

You stay in control of your data, wherever that data or copies reside, in perpetuity.

Real-time forensics

Real-time logging of data file access, access violations and policy changes (collected by the data itself).

Location enforcement

With Role-Based Access Controls, you can decide who can access your data, no matter where they reside.

Immediate policy updates

You can change the access policies for any Keyavi protected data, any time. Those changes propagate immediately across all data copies.

Automated data protection

You determine whether to allow offline access to a data file, user or user group, and for how long.

Secure file sharing

With Keyavi, you can assign data access privileges, limiting data from being altered, copied, or shared.