Data that protects itself?

Yes, we did!

We gave data a mind of its own to protect itself from cybercriminals, forever.

How? By infusing multilayered security into actual data so that no single layer can be compromised without triggering protection mechanisms in the surrounding layers.

Now, everywhere and anywhere data goes in the world, it automatically knows:

  • Where it’s supposed to be and where it isn’t
  • When it should open up or stay locked down
  • To report back to its owner in near-real time who has it & what device it’s on

Welcome to the new cybersecurity paradigm!

Features of Self-Protecting Data


Perpetual Access Control

You STAY in control of your data, wherever that data or copies reside, in perpetuity.

Location Enforcement

You determine where your data may or may not be accessed.

Immediate Policy Updates

You can change the access policies for any Keyavi protected data, any time. Those Changes PropAgate immediately across all data copies.

Offline Capabilities

You determine whether to allow offline access to a data file, user or user group, and for how long.

Dynamic Rights Enforcement

You have the ability to assign DATA access privileges so that it can not be altered, copied or shared further by someone with read-only access.

Data-Originated Forensics

Near real-time logging of data file access, access violations and policy changes (COLLECTED BY THE DATA ITSELF).