Omdia Report

The report explores how a Self-Protecting Data solution evolves an organization’s approach to cybersecurity to align with how business and collaboration happen today. By making data self-protecting, intelligent and self-aware, data owners know who has their data, where it is in the world, and when it was accessed…and retain control over it forever.

Omdia details:

  • How Self-Protecting Data solutions work
  • Why organizations need Self-Protecting Data solutions to remain competitive and secure
  • Which common workforce and organizational challenges Self-Protecting Data solves
  • How Self-Protecting Data align with other protections in an existing tech stack
  • What the future holds for Self-Protecting Data

Keyavi Data is not just the only viable solution in Self-Protecting Data. We are also the best-in-class thanks to a leadership bench featuring industry thought leaders and innovators who have provided information and data security to Microsoft, Dell, National Grid, Morgan Stanley, and Deloitte.

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