About us

It’s one thing to encrypt data.  But it’s a massive paradigm shift to make actual data the centerpoint of all security.  

By transforming data security into one elegant and simple object – data itself – Keyavi is shattering age-old, preconceived notions about what cybersecurity should be.

Now, data itself IS the fortress. And, until now, no one has successfully delivered anything close to this technology.

Welcome to the new paradigm!

Our Journey

For years, industry skeptics emphatically told Keyavi’s co-founder and CEO, Elliot Lewis, “It can’t be done!”   But he did.

After nearly 10 years of development, Elliot and a handful of co-founders launched the company in 2020 with a previously unimaginable data security innovation unlike anything else on the market: self-protecting, intelligent data security technology that wraps every piece of data with multiple, independent encryption layers, so that no single layer can be compromised without triggering protection mechanisms in the surrounding layers.

This revolutionary technology embeds data with so much intelligence that it automatically thinks and protects itself, everywhere and anywhere it goes in the world.  Data now knows where it’s supposed to be and where it isn’t, when it should open up or stay locked down, and to report back to its owner in near-real time who has it and what device it’s on. This multi-patented, award-winning technology also gives data owners full access, permission and policy controls over their data – long after it leaves their possession.  So even if cybercriminals steal a Keyavi-infused data file, they can’t open it or control it to extort victims.