As part of CyberDefenseCon 2023, you have the opportunity to experience self-protecting data. Follow the instructions below to enroll in this activity and to earn a chance to win a self-heating Ember® mug (valued at approx. $129.99 USD)

  1. Submit the form below by 9 PM EDT on Thursday October 26, 2023.  
  2. You will receive a Keyavi-protected .IKD file to the email address you submitted in the form. Download the file to your device. The file will arrive no later than 10 AM on Friday October 27.
  3. Download and install the Keyavi app from the applicable app store from this link or by scanning the QR code.

    Note: you can also participate in the activity by using one of Keyavi’s devices at the booth if you are unable to install the application on your own device. 

  4. Sign in to the Keyavi app with the email you provided in the form. When creating your Keyavi profile, use the org code provided here or scan the QR code from the Keyavi app.
    • When creating your Keyavi profile, enter the Profile Name “CDM” 
    • Copy and paste the org code provided below or scan the QR code from the Keyavi app by tapping “Scan QR Code” and using your device’s camera.


  5. Once signed in, open the file in the Keyavi app to see if you’ve won. (Alternatively, navigate to your saved files and select the IKD file that you received)
  6. Visit the Keyavi booth by 7 PM EDT on Friday October 27th to see the security, visibility, and control provided by self-protecting data. If you’ve won, claim your prize at the booth, but we’re happy to chat either way. Access to the file will be revoked after the event.

If you have any questions or want a more detailed demonstration of Keyavi’s functionality, please visit our booth. We’re happy to chat more!

Scan the QR code to try Keyavi’s self-protecting data and earn a chance to win a Bluetooth-connected self-heating Ember® mug (valued at $129.99 USD)

See us live. Elliot Lewis, CEO and Co-Founder, will be taking the stage to discuss self-protecting data in the keynote address on Thursday October 27th at 10 AM.