Cybersecurity pioneer Keyavi Data’s self-protecting data technology creates new industry category, reports Omdia

Leading Analyst Firm Identifies Keyavi as an Innovator Enabling a Massive Data Security Paradigm Shift  

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DENVER—May 18, 2021 – Keyavi Data Corp., a cybersecurity trailblazer transforming the very nature of the data security industry, announced today that its breakthrough technology has created a new industry category, according to analyst firm Omdia.

Keyavi’s self-protecting, intelligent and self-aware data security technology solves what was once an insurmountable, age-old problem in cybersecurity based on one premise – that data cannot protect itself. Now it can. Keyavi’s innovative platform and solution sets protect data anywhere and everywhere it goes – forever. This means data no longer has to be contained to be protected from cyber criminals or accidental loss. Now, data itself IS the elegant, simple fortress.

In his “On the Radar” report, Omdia’s principal analyst of IoT Cybersecurity Tanner Johnson writes:

“Keyavi’s solution—available as an API, client software product, mobile app, and a web client—offers a number of industry-first features, such as geofencing capabilities that allow the client to dictate from which locations a user is authorized to interact with any protected data. Another of the platform’s design principles is the ease of the user interface, aiming to provide a seamless transition between home and business network environments. Thus Keyavi works with any operating system or application, allowing for greater deployment and integration opportunities with legacy software configurations…At this juncture, Keyavi has no viable competitors…This leaves a runway that is relatively clear for takeoff.”

The company’s technology enables Keyavi-infused data to think for itself, secure itself, continually report its whereabouts and refuse access to unauthorized users.  It also allows data to stay under its owner’s control – forever – no matter who has it, where it’s stored or how many copies were made.

Instead of data being a business risk, Keyavi’s technology enables data to contribute to business growth.

“True cyber resilience is about helping a business grow and providing visibility into how data is used, how it interacts with your customers, your ecosystem and operations,” said Elliot Lewis, CEO of Keyavi Data. “Business leaders no longer have to worry about whether data is vulnerable to a breach or accidental loss, because data is now completely controllable, wherever it goes, in perpetuity. It’s intelligent. It’s self-aware. It’s self-protecting. It can flow freely as it was meant to flow, uninterrupted yet completely secure in a way that is both elegant and simple to execute.”

The game-changing significance of Keyavi’s technology was underscored yesterday at RSA’s virtual 2021 conference, where the company won three prestigious Global Infosec awards: Cybersecurity Startup of the Year, Hot Company in Data Security, and Self-Protecting Data Security.  Cyber Defense magazine’s 9th annual awards recognize global infosec companies at the forefront of security technology innovation.

Omdia’s report is available free here for download.

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About Keyavi Data Corp.

Headquartered in Denver, Keyavi Data’s transformative cybersecurity technology makes any type of data self-protecting by infusing multi-layered protections into the actual data itself. This innovative technology – now available as an API, client software product, mobile apps and web client – makes data intelligent and self-aware of where it is, who has it and what device it is on to determine whether it is authorized by its owner at that time to allow access.

Launched in 2020, the Keyavi already has multiple families of patents. For companies and the public sector that need to control confidential and intellectual property from accidental loss or a cyber attack, Keyavi’s easy-to-use yet robust security delivers the ultimate peace of mind. In today’s growing locations of disparate workforces and partner ecosystems, Keyavi plays a critical role in making data leaks and breaches irrelevant.

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