Cybersecurity trailblazer Keyavi Data unveils major product enhancements that empower global enterprises to share and manage their data with employees and third parties seamlessly and securely on any device, anywhere, at any time

For IT teams, effortless centralized controls for authenticating and securing user access to company data for all users, fast and easy data-sharing with maximum security

DURANGO, Colo. – January 11, 2022 – Keyavi Data Corp., a multi-award-winning cybersecurity trailblazer whose revolutionary technology is stopping ransomware criminals in their tracks and reshaping the very nature of the security industry, today released an enhanced 2.0 product suite with new, single sign-on and account management capabilities so that enterprises operating in a Windows® environment can more easily integrate, secure and control internal and external access to their business data.

Keyavi’s self-protecting, intelligent and self-aware data security technology now seamlessly integrates with OpenIDConnect (OIDC), an industry standard that supports leading identity and access management systems, such as Microsoft’s® Azure Active Directory and OKTA’s identity and access management platform. As a result, enterprise customers of Keyavi’s game-changing technology are able to quickly and securely authenticate their employees’ identities and grant or change policy permissions for access to business data on the fly.

Keyavi’s OIDC enablement allows for single sign-on with the identity service provider of your choice. Remote and in-office employees can easily and securely share files with individual colleagues or groups of employees within their organization as well as send emails and share files with external third parties who aren’t licensed Keyavi users.
With the proper authorizations and applications, anyone outside an enterprise can also quickly and securely access Keyavi-secured documents with confidence, knowing that those data files are safe from cyber criminals or accidental loss, no matter where, when or how that data travels or is stored throughout the world.

As part of its 2.0 rollout, Keyavi also streamlined all product naming conventions to distinguish among the features and benefits of its desktop apps, mobile apps and web-based browser functions more easily.

“As ransomware attackers and other cyber criminals up their ante for hijacking sensitive documents with increasingly sophisticated attacks, enterprises need frictionless and intuitive tools for verifying, securing and managing user identities and access to their business data,” said Elliot Lewis, Keyavi’s co-founder and CEO. “Today, we are unlocking Keyavi’s category-creating technology as a more powerful business enabler. By seamlessly integrating enterprise systems with our highly secure data-level controls, C-suite leaders will grow their businesses faster by improving productivity and sleep better at night, knowing their data is protected.”

“These product enhancements and automated workflows help enterprises dynamically deploy and manage Keyavi’s technology at scale,” said Shai Guday, the company’s chief product officer. “Until now, every Keyavi user had to be manually entered into our system by a Keyavi administrator for secure data access, which clearly wasn’t scalable for mid-sized organizations, let alone the top Fortune companies we serve. By mapping our products to OIDC, corporate customers benefit from seamless integration with Keyavi, Azure Active Directory and OKTA. As a result, IT and security administrators will save considerable time and effort provisioning Keyavi’s value-added technology to thousands of employees and internal user groups.”

Tanner Johnson, principal analyst of data security and IoT cybersecurity at leading industry analyst firm Omdia, underscored the market significance of Keyavi’s technology.

“Keyavi has introduced a groundbreaking capability in the space of data protection that bestows intelligence onto information itself. By allowing organizations the ability to put granular controls in place on their own critical data, company information has the means with which to ultimately monitor itself. Keyavi’s disruptive solution helps clients re-establish the protective perimeters on crown jewel data that were lost as a result of the global transition to remote work due to the pandemic.”

What’s New & Improved

  • Enterprise User Access & Authentication: Now that Keyavi’s technology integrates OIDC, Azure Active Directory and OKTA, enterprise employees can quickly and easily log into Keyavi’s applications through their corporate account without needing a separate Keyavi username and password.
  • Enterprise-wide Sharing of Protected Files for Employees and Internal Groups: Administrators can now assign and securely manage file access and policy permissions for specific role-based user groups within their organization just as easily as they can for individual employees. Administrators who have different internal needs and functionalities also have the ability to manage multiple user profiles at the same time.
  • Enterprise Data-Sharing with External, Unlicensed Recipients: Enterprise users are now able to send emails and share Keyavi-protected files in read-only mode with anyone outside their organization who is not a Keyavi-licensed user. As one of several convenient options, recipients of an email attachment with an Intelligent Keyavi Data (.IKD) file extension can open and view the attachment by downloading and installing a free, lightweight version of Keyavi’s full desktop application called Keyavi Lite from the Microsoft store.
  • Enterprise Data Security Controls & Deep Forensic Insights: A streamlined dashboard provides a bird’s-eye view of every access to Keyavi-infused data, either at an individual level for general users or at the corporate level for administrators. More than 50 heuristics are being captured in near real-time to ensure data is only accessible under the right conditions and that they keep cyber criminals out.
  • Concise User Interface & Portal with Advanced Administrative Controls: With Keyavi’s integrated OIDC, Azure Active Directory and OKTA solutions, enterprise administrators can now save significant time and effort either authorizing new employees for secure data access or suspending access for former employees without having to provision or revoke user policies manually.
  • Improved Keyavi Web-Based Client: Some enterprise users, for a variety of reasons, may be unable to download and install Keyavi’s full desktop application. For them, Keyavi’s web-based client enables a licensed user to both protect and open .IKD files. This agentless approach encompasses the core functionality of the full Keyavi platform without the need for desktop installation.
  • Improved iOS and Android Mobile Apps: Keyavi upgraded its mobile apps so that users maintain complete control of their secured Keyavi data files on the go – whether protecting files or opening them on their mobile devices.
  • Intelligent Directory™ Automatically Applies Enterprise-Wide Policies and Keyavi Protections to Shared Files: Keyavi vastly improved the performance and speed at which enterprise users automatically apply organization-wide policies to new files as they add them to a shared file server. By configuring enterprise data access policies once, Intelligent Directory lets administrators seamlessly apply those policies to every new file dropped into file-share folders – a feature that removes any chance of user error administering enterprise-wide policy compliance or from having to manually configure policies and data-share protections for every Keyavi user.
  • Streamlined Product Names
    • Keyavi – A full-featured, user-friendly and intuitive Windows desktop solution plus mobile applications that give users easy, secure and complete control over their .IKD-protected files. Plugins for the Microsoft Office Suite – Outlook, Word, Excel and Powerpoint – seamlessly integrate Keyavi’s revolutionary technology directly into the Microsoft desktop ecosystem as well as with iOS and Android mobile apps that are available for free download from the Apple® and Microsoft stores.
    • Keyavi Web (previously “Keyavi Web App”) – Since not all users can download and install Keyavi’s technology onto their desktop, Keyavi offers a free, browser-based web client to open and view .IKD files. This functionality incorporates most of the features of Keyavi’s full-featured desktop application with one exception — users won’t be able to right-click on files to protect or decrypt them.
    • Keyavi Lite (previously “Keyavi Reader”) – a pared-down version of Keyavi’s full desktop application that lets internal and external users open protected .IKD files in read-only mode. This free Windows app is available for download from the Microsoft store.
    • Keyavi Viewer – a web browser version for users who can’t download the Lite version but who need its functionality.
    • Keyavi Portal – an administrative web portal for data owners to monitor and manage their protected .IKD files. It also provides comprehensive platform controls for user, policy and security administrators.


Keyavi is shattering antiquated, preconceived IT notions about data security with breakthrough technology that embeds every piece of data with so much intelligence it automatically thinks and protects itself throughout its entire life cycle. This industry-leading technology infuses multilayered security into every piece of data at the data level so that no single layer can be compromised without triggering protection mechanisms in the surrounding layers. Data infused with Keyavi’s patented technology knows where it’s supposed to be and where it isn’t, when it should open up or stay locked down, and to report back to its owner in near-real time who has it and what device it’s on.
Whenever a Keyavi-infused intelligent data file or folder is stored or sent anywhere in the world, it opens only for the person who’s authorized to access it. When someone tries to open any data secured by Keyavi’s technology it immediately asks:

  • Who are you?
  • Where am I?
  • What device is this?
  • Am I allowed to open for you?

Keyavi-enabled data also automatically follows an owner’s commands – in perpetuity. By merely hitting one button on any device, a data owner can revoke access to a Keyavi-enabled file or folder within three seconds of it being “in the wild” (even if it’s in the hands of ransomware criminals), reassign data access rights to someone else or delete every piece of intelligent data he or she owns – no matter who has it, where it’s stored or however many copies exist. A data owner can also allow or prevent data access by precise geolocation, such as a company site, a home office, street, state or country. At the same time, an owner can pre-set access embargoes for authorized recipients on specific days and times and activate or revoke multiple policies – thereby mitigating the risk of threat actors using stolen data in any extortion attempt.
What’s more, Keyavi-infused data is equipped with deep self-classification and self-reporting forensics. This “chain of custody” and compliance reporting continually captures and records every access attempt with unique user, device and geolocation information, giving the data’s owner complete lifecycle forensic information – from the data’s creation and usage to storage and destruction.
Until now, no one else has successfully delivered anything close to this multi-patented, game-changing, technology.
No longer do files have to exist behind a firewall to be protected from cybercriminals or accidental loss. Now data itself IS the fortress, delivering the ultimate in peace of mind to Keyavi’s customers.
Watch video highlights of Keyavi’s revolutionary technology:

About Keyavi Data Corp.

Headquartered in Durango, Colorado, Keyavi’s multi-award-winning, self-protecting, intelligent and self-aware cybersecurity technology enables an individual piece of data to think for itself; secure itself; control where, when and who is allowed to access it; refuse access to unauthorized users; stay continually aware of its surroundings and automatically report back to its owner – with all these capabilities built into the data itself. The company’s API platform and a full suite of applications riding on that platform also provide data owners with powerful controls to allow, revoke or deny access to their information – no matter who has it, on any platform or device, regardless of where it’s stored or how many copies exist. Under development for years before launching in 2020, this multi-patented technology is so unique and innovative that leading industry analyst firm Omdia designated “self-protecting data solutions” as a new cybersecurity industry category, with Keyavi as the clear leader. Keyavi’s easy-to-use yet robust solution delivers the ultimate in peace of mind for public and private organizations, their hybrid workforces and partner ecosystems in solving the security challenges of controlling confidential and intellectual property from data leaks, breaches and ransomware. To learn more about Keyavi and its breakthrough technology, visit Follow Keyavi on LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter using the @KeyaviData handle and hashtag #Keyavi. Keyavi DataTM and Intelligent DirectoryTM are trademarks of Keyavi Data Corp. All rights reserved.

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