Keyavi Data wins CISO Choice Award for Transformative Data Security Innovation

Cybersecurity pioneer honored for visionary, paradigm-shifting solution that self-protects data from cybercriminals, including ransomware attackers

DENVER – November 3, 2021 – Keyavi Data Corp., a cybersecurity trailblazer whose game-changing technology is stopping cybercriminals in their tracks and reshaping the very nature of the data security industry, announced today that it won a CISO Choice Award in the data security category. This award — one of eight prestigious industry awards Keyavi has won so far this year — further distinguishes the company as a visionary shattering the cybersecurity industry’s preconceived notions of what data security should be.

The CISO Choice Awards showcase leaders at the forefront of global security technology innovation and recognize excellence in real-world solutions that chief information security officers (CISOs) value to protect their organizations. These awards serve as a buyer’s guide for IT leaders when selecting new technologies needed to safeguard company data. Winners were chosen by an expert panel of CISOs at some of the world’s largest enterprises.

“We’re incredibly honored to have received this award — a true testament to the work we’re doing to protect every type of data — anywhere, anytime, under any circumstance in the world – from cybercriminals or accidental loss,” said Elliot Lewis, co-founder and CEO of Keyavi.

Keyavi’s technology solves an age-old problem that the IT industry said was impossible: making every piece of data so intelligent that it automatically protects itself, refuses access to unauthorized users, stays continually aware of its surroundings and reports its whereabouts to its owner – everywhere and anywhere it goes in the world. Now, data is intelligent enough to know where it’s supposed to be and where it isn’t, when it should open up and to automatically report back to its owner who has it and what device it’s on in near-real time. No longer do files have to exist behind a firewall to be protected from cybercriminals or accidental loss.

“Data is the one constant in today’s complex, continually evolving technology ecosystem,” Lewis explained. “It’s the currency of IT and, increasingly, for ransomware attackers intent on monetizing the vast rivers of data streaming in and out of organizations every day. Up until now, these criminals counted on one premise – that data can’t protect itself – and are making big money off that one assumption. But now we’ve turned the tables with a solution that doesn’t treat the symptoms of data loss — it makes data smart. Now cybercriminals can’t access, steal or ransom data if it’s infused with our patented technology. As a result, we’re driving meaningful change to help people everywhere control their own data’s destiny and, at the same time, are rewriting the cyber industry’s rules for data security.”

“I would like to congratulate the winners of the 2021 CISO Choice Awards,” said Aimee Rhodes, CEO of CISOs Connect. “It was an extremely competitive playing field with a record number of submissions. It was exciting to hear the judges, who live and breathe security, share their experiences and discuss with one another the wealth of technologies that are on the market or coming to the market. Nothing can replace the real-word insights that the CISO judges bring to the table when deciding on the top vendors. Kudos again to the winners.”

Watch video highlights of how Keyavi’s revolutionary technology works:

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About Keyavi Data Corp.

Headquartered in Denver, Keyavi’s multi-award-winning self-protecting, intelligent and self-aware cybersecurity technology enables an individual piece of data to think for itself, secure itself, refuse access to unauthorized users, stay continually aware of its surroundings and automatically report back to its owner. The company’s API platform and a full suite of applications riding on that platform also provide data owners with powerful controls to allow, revoke or deny access to their information – no matter who has it, where it’s stored, or how many copies exist. Under development for years before launching in 2020, this multi-patented technology is so unique and innovative that leading industry analyst firm Omdia designated “self-protecting data solutions” as a new cybersecurity industry category, with Keyavi as the clear leader. Keyavi’s easy-to-use yet robust solution delivers the ultimate in peace of mind for public and private organizations, their remote workforces and partner ecosystems in solving the security challenges of controlling confidential and intellectual property from data leaks, breaches and ransomware. To learn more about Keyavi and its breakthrough technology, visit Follow Keyavi on LinkedInFacebookYouTube and Twitter using the @KeyaviData handle and hashtag #Keyavi. Keyavi DataTM and Intelligent DirectoryTM are trademarks of Keyavi Data Corp. All rights reserved.

About CISO Choice Awards

Honoring security vendors of all types, sizes and maturity levels, the CISO Choice Awards recognize differentiated solutions valuable to the CISO and enterprise from security solution providers worldwide. These awards are based on the real-world experiences and perspectives of end-user executives with clear criteria and a distinguished board of CISO judges. Here’s a video congratulating this year’s winners. The CISO Choice Awards are part of the exclusive CISOs Connect membership knowledge-sharing community, an exclusive Security Current community, which provides CISOs and cybersecurity leaders across industries invaluable information on vendors in today’s constantly evolving security environment. For a complete list of judges please visit Follow the CISO Choice Awards on Twitter @SecurityCurrent.

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